New insolvency regime

On 23 September 2020 at 4:27pm Josh Frydenberg announced “that the Morrison government is embarking on the most significant reforms of insolvency law in almost 30 years”. The government intends to introduce what it claims will be a single, simpler, faster, more cost-effective insolvency recovery process for small business. The new insolvency regime is a […]

What type of leader are you?

Most of us lead someone, somewhere, sometime. At work, at home and/or with friends. To the extent that we lead, we usually want to be good at it or like to think we are. But how do you picture or want to picture your leadership style? A benevolent dictator? An exemplar of unparalleled discipline, fabulous […]

You can never stand in the same river twice

I keep hearing “When will we be returning to normal after COVID-19”, or from those who acknowledge some things may be permanently changed, the “new normal”. But I balk at the notion that we can ever be in a “normal” state. Returning to normal is not possible, no matter how defined. The world constantly changes, […]

Directors – numbered for life

It’s on its way – a director ID (Director Identification Number). A unique identifier that a director will keep forever. The aim is to prevent the appointment of fictitious directors (Homer Simpson, Marilyn Monroe), and facilitate traceability of their profile and relationships with companies over time. Some detail: Expected to begin in the first half […]

Positive psychology (a quest for the good life)

Is this for you? Or is it just “fluffy science” or “happiology”? Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing, and an applied approach to optimal functioning. Positive psychology studies what makes life most worth living. Its theory is more than an edict to “be positive” and is far more than self-help material based […]