Do you have a concern about our performance?

Sheridans at all times strives to ensure that every appointment and assignment is carried out to the highest ethical and industry standards, in accordance with the relevant legislation, and where appropriate, in line with the wishes of creditors.

Sheridans’ policies, procedures and training are designed for this objective. We are technically competent and professionally responsive and respectful to all stakeholders.

We recognise that notwithstanding Sheridans’ stated aims and best intentions, there may be occasions where clients, creditors or other stakeholders are dissatisfied with some aspect of our work or performance. Potential concerns may include our performance, the cost of our work, the time taken to complete a task or a conflict of interest issue. Concerns may also include investigation issues that stakeholders wish to bring to our attention.

Sheridans encourages anyone with a concern about our work or performance to bring that concern to our attention.

Sheridans promises to treat all complaints seriously. We have procedures to properly consider any complaints quickly and fairly, and to take remedial action as necessary.

Complaints Policy

Our policy is to encourage complaints to be put in writing, for clarity, but this is not essential. Oral complaints will be treated with the same seriousness as written complaints.

In the first instance, the complaint should be raised with the staff member(s) involved in the appointment or assignment. Often concerns or complaints can be properly dealt with through clear and frank discussions and explanation.

Even if the complaint is dealt with satisfactorily and the complainant does not wish to proceed any further with the matter, the staff member handling the complaint will make a written record of the complaint, what was discussed and the outcome. This written record will be given to Sheridans’ Principal to ensure she is aware of all complaints received by the firm. Every complaint and eventual resolution will be used to assist Sheridans in providing a better service in future matters.

Any complaints not resolved with the staff member involved in the appointment or assignment will be referred to Sheridans’ Principal.

Sheridans’ Principal will immediately review the complaint, together with another senior member of the Sheridans team. Sheridans’ Principal will then respond and communicate with the complainant regarding the concern. If corrective or remedial action is required, Sheridans’ Principal will instigate such action.

If considered appropriate, we will seek input from a senior member of our profession from outside of the firm (ensuring the necessary confidentiality is maintained) or from the appropriate governing industry body or regulator (usually ARITA, ASIC or AFSA).

Sheridans’ Promise

We promise to treat every complainant with respect.

We promise to give proper and due consideration to every concern and complaint raised with us.

We promise to ensure that the fact of a complaint will not adversely affect how we deal with the complainant in the future.

Still not satisfied?

If despite our best efforts you are still not satisfied or believe that your concern has not been adequately addressed, you can raise your concern or complaint with the following industry bodies;

Company matters

  • Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

Personal insolvency matters

  • Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)

Professional concerns

  • Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARITA)
  • Chartered Accountants in Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)

Contact details for the above industry bodies may be found under Useful Links on this website.