Sheridans, established in 1995, has a wealth of experience in a broad range of industries, types of businesses and professions, and types of appointments and assignments.

1. Independent Specialist Firm

We specialise in Insolvency Services (Corporate and Personal), and Litigation Support.

2. Culture

Sheridans’ ethos is to be professional and courteous, responsive and communicative, and respectful. We are diligent, hard-working and disciplined, working as a team in a supportive environment. As a result we aim to bring a positive and constructive approach to all our work.

3. Capable & Resourced

We are highly capable, competent and experienced in our specialist areas of work. Sheridans is well resourced through our training, procedures, policies and technology.

4. Training

Sheridans has a strong commitment to the initial and ongoing training of all of our staff. This training includes on-the-job training, regular internal training sessions and attendance at appropriate external training events.

We ensure for all staff that the CPD requirements of each of the relevant professional bodies are met.

5. Procedures & Policies

As a result of regular reviews, Sheridans has developed its internal procedures and policies to ensure we perform our work consistently and effectively.

6. Technology

We ensure we have the appropriate technology to support our work. Sheridans uses software designed specifically for insolvency administrations. Together with our procedures and policies, our technology ensures the proper and efficient management of our administrations, leading to consistently high quality work output and cost control.

7. Costs

As a result of our culture, capabilities, training, procedures and policies and technology, Sheridans is price competitive. Our rates compare favourably in the markets we operate in and we are efficient in our work.

We will always assess the reasonableness of fees charged. This assessment will not be limited to a technical assessment of whether we are entitled to the fees sought but will also include consideration of whether the work we performed provided value for money to creditors and clients, and was necessary and in the interest of stakeholders.

Sheridans – Creating Better Futures