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We specialise in Corporate and Personal Insolvency Services and Litigation Support.

COVID-19 Information Sheets

In response to the COVID-19 crisis ARITA has created a range of information sheets on dealing with financial distress:

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Final chapter in Kleenmaid saga (ASIC’s final clean up)

Kleenmaid, a business founded by Andrew Young in 1980, was an Australian-owned domestic appliance importer and retailer, operating a chain of company and franchised stores across Australia. Its first product was an American-manufactured washing machine sold through appliance service agents. In 2008, rumours … Read More...

Super Duper – Pardon & Remission

(Super Guarantee Amnesty) Nearly two years after it was first introduced into parliament, the Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty was finally passed by parliament on Monday. The legislation still requires Royal Assent. Normally, if you are late paying your staff’s super: The super payments are not a … Read More...

Bancas Ruptus (Bankruptcy)

The word “bankrupt” is derived from two Italian words: banca (table or bench) and rotta (broken), which references Italian traders, who upon becoming insolvent, were said to have a “broken bench” (banca rotta) or in Latin, bancas ruptus. The word had its French equivalent, banqueroute. The term appears to … Read More...